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But if you are a small company and dealing directly with customers, WhatsApp can help a lot. Apart from using it for personal communication, you can use WhatsApp for your business in various ways. This doesn’t mean that you should spam your customers with WhatsApp messages. Ideally you should use WhatsApp to connect with existing loyal customers rather than trying to reach new users. Without phone numbers, you can’t add customers to your contacts.

However, the condition is that you need to install these apps before the message was deleted. Next, you need to restore the chat backup as all deleted messages will also be stored in the backup. However, there is a neat trick through which the recipient can read all the deleted messages. All the messages, even if deleted can be stored in WhatsApp chat backup. WhatsApp is an instant messaging system that can send and receive messages, photos, videos, stickers, emoticons and all others straight on your phone. It’s like the usual SMS and MMS but the only difference is that it lets you send messages without text plan, instead it send messages by connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi or data plan.

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The feature is still not as intricate as the mobile app, but we expect it to deliver more in the future as many larger organisations join the fold. You don’t have to buy internet minutes on a cruise ship to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also handy at wifi hotspots anywhere in the world or if you have an international data plan. You can literally send hundreds of texts and still be under a megabyte. I went 10-days on this trip and never exceeded one megabyte of data for text-only messages. “End-to-end encryption means that your messages are encrypted to protect against us and third parties from reading them,” says the messaging platform.

  • After this, you have to do all the same as mentioned above for iCloud.
  • Here you will have a dedicated section of Google Drive settings available on the browser.
  • Enter the verification code from SMS to WhatsApp, and your existing WhatsApp number will change to the new Google Voice phone number.

Nigerian elections may not be clean, but they are competitive, points out Matthew Page of Chatham House, a think-tank. “Big man” politicians try to win through patronage rather than policy. Both of the two main presidential candidates, Mr Buhari, the eventual victor, and Atiku Abubakar, had large social-media teams. They had dedicated WhatsApp groups for supporters in every one of Nigeria’s 36 states and 774 municipalities.

We’re evolutionarily wired to desire dopamine, which explains the high usage of social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp. There are a ton of other messaging apps that are pretty decent, like imo, Hike etc. However, if you are looking for an app to replace WhatsApp, the aforementioned apps are the best ones you can use.

Users can also make and receive voice and video calls, ensuring that they stay connected to friends and family in whichever way is most convenient for them. The number of global unique WhatsApp users increased by 22 percent from the beginning of 2020 to the beginning of 2022 and is estimated to reach 2.26 billion unique users by June 2022. In January 2022, WhatsApp was the most downloaded chat and messaging app worldwide, amassing approximately 40.6 million downloads across the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. How can you filter out text files, images, videos Whatsapp, audio messages and more, when you don’t have an itemized search functionality as in WhatsApp?!

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If you are wondering what isWhatsApp priceyou have to pay, head over to this link. We have curated the best possible solution to accommodate your needs to give you the best results and much more. You will need an existing WhatsApp account on your mobile to install and use WhatsApp on the iPad. Furthermore, if you are not part of the multi-device beta, you will need to stay signed in with your phone to use the messaging app.

A verified business simply adds to the authenticity and will let WhatsApp users know that you aren’t some thief looking to cheat customers online. WhatsApp indeed takes verification seriously, as I will explain the ‘setup’ section. Though messaging apps have yet to take off in banking, there are a few banks such as OpenBank Spain breaking the mold.

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