New Among Us Map The Airship Arrives Early Next Year

Continue the curved line to complete the irregular oval shape of the face shield. He’ll sabotage the ship and try to blame his deeds on others. Your spaceship is falling apart and you’re trying to get back to civilization. You must work together with your teammates to hold things together by completing a series of tasks.

  • Further investigation turned up bodies buried in the dunes nearby.
  • The map is also littered with ladders and shortcuts, like floating platforms that slowly transport players across the map.
  • She has been newly partnered with Noah Lambert, a veteran on the force, and there are still sparks as these two clash as they work out their differences.

For independent developer InnerSloth, the excess amount of popularity came to surely be a surprise when Among Us still stands to be one of the most frequented titles by players and viewership on Twitch. So much that the game studio decided to outright cancel plans for a sequel and dedicate its efforts further support the original release. Among that content was a new level based on the world of Henry Stickmin. The Henry Stickmin Collection is a series of games developed by Innersloth before anyone knew who Innersloth was. One of the episodes is called Infiltrating the Airship. The teaser image of the next Among Us map looks like an airship.

Players Will Notice The Flaws Right Away When Trying To Join A Game

I’m going to break it down into a few sections so it’s easier to follow. We will be covering everything from your initial character design, to rough sketches and inking, to shading and coloring. Not all manga is created equal – there are tons of nuances depending on the kind of style you’re into. Because of this, we’ll be focusing on drawing eyes, faces, and the differences in male andm female characters. To keep things simple, this tutorial will focus on drawing the head of a character.

Some faults – such as turning off the lights – make it harder for crewmates to complete tasks, while others – such as turning off the oxygen – will kill them if they do not fix it in time. Color gradients can be added inside most shapes of this death cartoon character to give more depth to the illustration. For instance, notice inside the sample below how the face is darker on the bottom, but much brighter on top. Repeat the same technique on all elements to complete this step.

Among Us Yellow Character In Winter Gear And Dog Cursor

Reactors are the three northernmost red squares, along the Columbia River. The separation plants are the lower two red squares from the grouping south of the reactors. As at Oak Ridge, the most difficulty was encountered while canning the uranium slugs, which commenced at Hanford in March 1944.

The map is modeled after a location from that game, and the reveal trailer even features some narration from a Henry Stickmin character. Henry Stickmin features a lot of easter eggs and references to Among Us, so this crossover is on-brand. On January 6, the Among Us Twitter account replied to a fan asking why we still hadn’t gotten the map, despite it technically being “early 2021” now. In response, Innersloth simply said “early 2021 doesn’t just mean january.” The implication here is that the map will likely not arrive this month. Instead, we’ll probably see Airship launch in February or even March, as those would still be considered in the early 2021 window. These are all of the new features to expect, with the bump from Download Link 10 to 15 player lobbies arguably the most exciting.

In this drawing lesson for beginners, I’m gonna go over how to draw an Among Us Mini Crewmate with a Christmas hat on. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw Christmas Tree from Among Us. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw Snow Man from Among Us. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw Decorations from Among Us. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw Brain Slug from Among Us.

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